Studio G's Mission

Greg Owen created Studio G to provide a community for friends and strangers who share an interest in yoga and meditation, self-study and being fully realized individuals. Studio G's imperative was to create a business that harkened back to a time before yoga was merely a commercial venture; When people that sought deeper levels of engagement and connection to life and living would get together and practice alongside one another, sharing a common path. Greg is very pleased to facilitate this opportunity for svadhyaya, the Sanskrit word for self-study. Thank you Westside Yoga Sangha!

Studio G was built from the classical yogic principals of karma and ethics, as elucidated in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and other sacred texts. Greg Owen believes the studio will flourish because people want to support its work and its dharma. Studio G has little use for administration and formality; instead it embraces clarity and honesty as the preferred modes of human interaction. Humor is often the key to unlocking happiness and is employed heartily. Individuals, groups and communities are encouraged to connect with Studio G and see how they can become part of it.

Yoga: The union of the individual back to the whole

Greg Owen discovered yoga in 2000 while working at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, initially using it as physical therapy for his career as a glassblower. Since he began the practice of yoga, Greg's life has taken a new direction of peace, clarity, strength and purpose. In 2003 Greg studied yoga at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerela, India. The effects of the yoga practice were so profound that Greg soon realized that it was part of his dharma to share the practice with others. In 2004 Greg completed the 200 hour Teacher Training program at 8 Limbs Yoga Studios in Seattle, Washington. Greg Is also honored to have completed the 200 hour Teacher Training program with his teacher Tias Little in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He considers himself a professional student and is continually refining his own yoga and meditation practice with gifted teachers such as Kathleen Hunt at Samadhi Yoga in Seattle, Washington.

The road to health leads to Metabolic Typing

Greg Owen discovered Metabolic Type Nutrition by accident, when the man that would eventually become his teacher visited Greg's home in Seattle, Washington in 2008. Greg had struggled with chronic illness his whole life and was frequently ill, in pain and had little energy. Greg visited many health practitioners over the years, ranging from modern allopathic doctors to doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncturists, masseuses, chiropractors, Hellerworkers, Soma practitioners, intuitive healers and anyone else that offered hope. While many of these healers passed on very useful information, none of them gave Greg the secret to happiness and wellbeing.

Greg is indebted to Michael McEvoy for passing on the science and technique of Metabolic Typing. Metabolic Typing had such an immediate and profound effect on Greg's heath, energy, mentally clarity and physical body that he knew that it was part of his dharma to share it with others. Studying with Michael, Greg became certified to share the techniques of Metabolic Typing and has been serving clients ever since.

  Greg teaches yoga from the inside out. He's a stickler for alignment, and his approach opens the door to exciting new discoveries - even in the familiar, "simple" poses. Rather than rush from one pose to the next, we take the time in the basics classes to move with intention and fullness.

Greg's teaching style encourages a balance of deep strength and yogic ease. I depart each of his classes knowing that I've worked to the edge of my abilities. I highly recommend Greg's classes!

- Kelly Huffman
basics / level I student
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