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I felt completely satisfied

"For me, the amazing thing about eating according to Metabolic Typing was that it reduced my cravings almost immediately. I found that if I ate according to the food plan, I felt completely satisfied, without the desire to binge on sweets, which had been my MO in the past. I have been able to maintain a steady energy level, without all the peaks and valleys that came along with my carbohydrate binges. This is a great change for me!"

~ Linda Yedlin

Flexible guidelines rather than strict rules
"I have found it easy to incorporate the principles of Metabolic Type Nutrition into my daily diet as flexible guidelines rather than strict rules. The MTN way of eating has given me a more steady, even flow of energy throughout the day with only an occasional need for a snack between meals. My cravings for carbs and sugar have all but disappeared, and I find that when I do indulge in them I am satisfied with a much smaller amount. In addition, even without perfect adherence to MTN principles, I have continued to lose about a pound a week. Amazing! "

~ Geoff Hamada

I'm encouraged about the long term benefits

"I consulted with Greg a month or so ago. I already feel better after adopting the Protein Type Meal Plan for my Metabolic Type. I am hungry less often, get irritable less, and have a more consistent energy throughout the day. I experience fewer peaks and valleys. Cravings for sweets and caffeine have decreased. I have lost a few pounds since I started. This is a big deal because I had been on a plateau for several years now with my weight and despite a high level of physical activity, was unable to shed any weight (despite being 20 lbs overweight). I'm encouraged about the long term benefits of eating this way."

~ Ingrid P.

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