Metabolic Typing - pricing  

Metabolic Typing pricing structure

Learning your Metabolic Type with Studio G is affordable and easy. Once you have filled out 3-5 days worth of Food Diaries we will schedule a 90 minute in-person or phone Coaching Session. At this time we will go over the diaries together and ask you questions about your relationship to specific foods and eating in general. Using these tools Studio G will then provide you with:

The price for this initial visit and 3 follow-up calls is $95.00, payable by cash, check or PayPal.

After 6 weeks time, many clients choose to schedule a 45 minute Tune-up Coaching Session. During this Tune-up Greg Owen can fine tune your diet and offer further information on caution foods, ways to lose weight and offer supplement choices. Studio G can order you supplements that have been formulated specifically for the Metabolic Diet. Off the shelf supplements often contain ingredients that are unproductive for your Type and should be avoided.

The price for a Tune-up Coaching session is $45.00

Feel free to call or email with any questions. We are waiting to serve you and facilitate your transformation into your ultimate self!

Studio G donations

At Studio G we believe that being healthy shouldn't only be accessible to the wealthy. By providing a donations option we try to ensure that we can keep you on track with your fitness plan, while we keep on track with providing knowledgeable and reliable Yoga instruction. If you attended a class in the past but weren't able to pay at the time your donations are always welcome.

  Greg has a gift for communicating how a pose should feel, not merely the form of the pose. He is creative and open, incorporating a wide variety of poses and approaches in his classes. His teaching leads naturally to a more intuitive practice. I think he is one of the best teachers in the Seattle area.

- Jen McIver
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