Metabolic Typing  

What is Metabolic Type Nutrition?

Metabolic Typing is a clinical approach to classifying the inherited variations in how we digest and assimilate food. Based on the concept of biomechanical individuality, it assumes that what is healthy food for one person may not be healthy or even harmful to another. When people know their Metabolic Type they are empowered to make informed choices about which foods are best for their bodies, and which foods to leave alone. It is similar to knowing which type of gas is best for your car: unleaded, premium or biodiesel.

Metabolic Type Nutrition is a science based on over 60 years of nutritional research and molecular biology and is supported by the case histories of many thousands of people all over the world. In a broader historical context, there are similarities to Metabolic Typing in Ayurveda, the traditional holistic medicine of India. Ayurveda divides constitutional tendencies into 3 distinct Doshas, or types, just as there a 3 main Metabolic Types.

Why should I learn my Metabolic Type?

Optimal health, sustained energy, mental clarity and a vibrant body are available to EVERYONE, regardless of our individual differences. Metabolic Typing empowers everyone to make the right food, nutrition and supplement choices. Studio G suggests that issues such as weight loss and maintenance, anxiety, gastric disorders, elevated cholesterol levels, depression, fatigue, diabetes, the inability to concentrate, uncontrollable appetites and many other illnesses or diseases are simply ways that the body tells us it is out of balance.

When we offer food choices based on Metabolic Type, we are in effect trying to bring the body into a state of nutritional balance, taking into account an individual's tendency to metabolize some macronutrients more efficiently than others. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates (the macronutrients) all metabolize at different rates for different people, so we look at the ways a person's cells metabolize food and create energy to detect the Metabolic Type.

How does Studio G detect someone's Metabolic Type and
decide what they should eat?

Studio G emphasizes a personalized approach to nutritional coaching that values listening before telling. To detect your Metabolic Type we ask you to keep a simple food diary and to answer a series of questions about how you eat and your relationship to food. A blood test may be suggested for certain individuals to pinpoint metabolic tendencies. Together in our personal or telephone interview we will go over these tools and determine your Metabolic Type.

These tools, combined with the growing self awareness of how your body functions, are what you really need to move towards the ultimate you. If you've tried different diets and other sensible methods of eating and have had no success, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to contact Studio G for a consultation. Everything else is just guesswork.

  One teacher, specifically, has made a significant impact on my yoga practice. Greg Owen is an excellent instructor because he's able to combine the discipline of practice with the plain joy it brings. It shows in every class he teaches. His positive attitude is infectious and wonderful. I felt that each class was a step ladder to the next. He encouraged me to further my yoga with home practice and guided my choice of Tias Little's DVD. I know that other students felt that Greg was an instructor that has made a significantly positive impact on their yoga practice.

- Leslie Mann

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